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  • Transport waste paper, textile, industrial waste, cotton and animal hair. Read More
    Bale Clamp Soft goods Broken cloth Carry Industrial waste Clamping machine Clamp

    Soft package clip is suitable for handling various soft package goods, such as cloth or rag, waste paper, cotton, animal hair, hay, industrial debris and other soft articles. The self weight is small and the operation is simple, so it can accomplish tasks efficiently and economically.

  • High efficiency and energy saving High efficiency and energy saving  Carry Read More
    Paper Roll Clamp Forklift Round clamp Carry Papermaking printing Packing Logistics handling

    Paper clips are widely used in papermaking, packaging, printing, waste disposal and other industries. It is an important part of modern logistics handling. It can carry out short distance handling with high efficiency and energy saving and can be classified according to different working conditions and special conditions.

  • Forklift Rotating Tyre handler Read More
    Forklift Tyre Clamp

    Tyre Clamps are designed for handling the Tyre efficiently and safely

  • Forklift Log carrier Read More
    Forklift Log Holders

    Log holders are designed for handling logs and steel pipes.It has two functions of down-pressing and tilting.when loading, Bent bar down-press;when unloading, the forks tilt.

  • Forklift Push/Pull without a slip Read More
    Forklift Push/pulls attachment

    Push/pull are designed for pallet-free handling bagged products such as seed, agricultural products and cement; cased food, electronics, cosmetics and bottled beverages.

  • Forklift Pallets retrieve tools Read More
    Forklift Inverta Pushs attachments

    Turnaoads are designed for lretrieving the pallets.

  • Forklift Drum handler Read More
    Forklift Drum Clamps

    Drum clamps are designed for drum handling .

  • Forklift Tobacco Carton Handler Read More
    Forklift Tobacco Carton Clamps

    Jistell Tobacco Carton Clamp is originally designed for handling of standardized tobacco cartons without pallets.

  • Forklift General Clamps Read More
    Forklift Multi-Purpose Clamps

    Multi-Purpose Clamps designed for handling almost all kinds of square products, without pallets

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Latest New & Events
  • Telescopic Block Clamps
    18 July 2017 Telescopic Block Clamps

    With the increasing market demand of Telescopic Block Clamps, Jistell's first Telescopic Block Clamps is finished and shipped to customer, and there are 4 more orders coming and will be delivered in one month

  • Paper Roll Clamp with opening 3 meters
    18 July 2017 Paper Roll Clamp with opening 3 meters

    During last year, Jistell's focusing on developing  a Paper Roll Clamp  with the Opening 3 meters which few company can produce in China. After one year's effort,  On July the 30th, Jistell's first Paper Roll Clamp ...

  • sales increase largely
    18 July 2017 sales increase largely

    Over past 6 months, our sales increase by 47% compared to the same period last year. Our major products Paper Roll Clamps and Bale Clamps make great contribution to the increase. And, our new products  Fork Position and telescope forks are ...

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About Jistell
About Us
Jistell is a comprehensive company, specializing in the forklift attachment’s research、manufacturing and sales. It is located in Xiamen China, which is forklift attachment’s cradle in China. We have more than 20 years experience in this industry. Jistell’s core components and technology are from US. We have creative technology team、sophisticated equipment, advanced manufacturing technique, complete testing equipment and experienced service team. Our business philosophy is QUALITY FIRST、CUSTOMER ORIENTATION、SERVICE IMPORTANT. With more than 20 y...
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